Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach


June 19, 2013

  Will Donahue

Will Donahue

My first week as an advocacy intern has introduced me to lobbying on Capitol Hill, watching “The Office” from a new perspective and adventuring off in the D.C. rain to a hearing at the U.S. District Courthouse; let’s not forget the brow full of sweat I brought with me on the way through security as the woman asked me if I was an attorney.

I can remember asking the woman at security “So, where do I enter the courtroom?” She gave me a confused stare and replied with something like,

“You’re here; you’re at the Courthouse.” I worried that I might enter the courtroom where the Judge enters. My nerve clouded mind knew security would never allow an accidental entrance through a wrong door; evidently, I could not access that reasoning. I ended up in the elevator headed to the sixth floor where another intern and I mistakenly got out on the third floor. Coincidentally, he was headed to the same court hearing: the American Petroleum Institute vs. the SEC. My beads of sweat rolled a bit slower when I realized someone else was in a seemingly similar situation.

It has been great getting to know the personalities of my fellow interns—we work well together. During the first week, we connected frequently in prayer; I enjoyed this time spent to reflect about the purpose of using faith as a catalyst for advocacy. It will be interesting to see how my perspective as a raised Catholic evolves as I immerse myself in a faith community and work environment.

As we begin our second week, I find myself more interested in my research associated with Extractive Industries. I am curious to see what might happen after North Korea (DPRK) backed out of its peace talks with South Korea (ROK).