Update: Pedaling to Live Program and Green Shelter Community

June 27, 2013

On April 20, 2013, the Pedaling to Live Program celebrated its 8th anniversary.  Part of the celebration was a tricycle tour through Ozamiz.  After the tricycle tour, a short program was prepared at the vicinity of the Green Shelter Village in Malaubang, Ozamiz City.  Guests from different organizations came to extend their greetings to the tricycle drivers and their families for the good values and hard work in making their Pedaling Program a successful one.

The Pedaling to Live Program is aimed at giving value, dignity and uplifting the lives of the tricycle drivers in Ozamiz City, Philippines.  After the drivers fully payfor their tricycles, they will qualify to avail themselves of the Green Shelter Housing Program.  The Green Shelter Housing Program began in 2010.  At present, 14 houses have been built of indigenous materials such as clay, rice hull and hay.  Beneficiaries of the housing project work hand in hand in build the houses.  It takes time to build the house, but we ensure that the houses using these materials are well built and can withstand heavy rains.  A function hall was also built which is used for meetings of the beneficiaries and a mini library for the children.  Since the tricycle income of each driver is not enough to cover their daily needs, they developed backyard hog fattening using Korean technology, doormat making, vegetable gardening and chicken dispersal.

Now the drivers and their families feel dignified working on their livelihood projects and at the same time they feel blessed with all the support coming from different people who believe in their cause.  They find new hope to deal with the challenges of life!

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