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President Obama announces plan to cut carbon, ask him to cut the pipeline!

July 8, 2013


On a 95-degree day in D.C., President Obama announced his Climate Action Plan to reduce carbon pollution and other greenhouse gases that contribute to climate disruption. He also announced that he would cancel the Keystone Pipeline if it contributes additional carbon.

Click here to ask President Obama to oppose the Keystone Pipeline that could pollute the Ogallala Aquifer, the major source of drinking water in Nebraska, harm the health of indigenous communities in Canada, and contribute to climate change.

The Keystone XL would be the largest oil pipeline in the United States. We know that the pipeline will still travel through the ecologically sensitive Ogallala Aquifer, a source of life of all creation in Nebraska. Oil leaks and spills do happen and the toxic bitumen from the oil can contaminate the life-sustaining water and land.

Trees, plants, and other critical habitat is destroyed to extract the tarsands, leaving toxic pools near indigenous communities. The indigenous populations near the tarsands suffer from increasing cancer rates and types of cancers from the tarsands extraction. Fish, part of the traditional diet, have higher rates of genetic abnormalities.

Send the letter to the White House Office of Faith-Based partnerships at and ask President Obama to protect creation and communities by rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline.