Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach

Stepping Stones

July 29, 2013

  Will Donahue

Will Donahue

Each week in the CCAO office, one of us takes the lead on a community prayer and/or activity. Looking back on the past eight weeks, it is these Monday lunchtime meetings that I remember as the most peaceful reflections during my stay in the humid city.

On our final community lunch hour, the activity involved a blank sheet of paper and a marker. We each spent time writing words or drawing whatever came to mind regarding our general state of being. After a few minutes, we shared.

My sheet of paper presented various curving arrows which wrapped scatter words such as “whirlwind”, “satisfaction”, and “growth”. All arrows pointed in a single direction, but only one was straight. This represented my family, friends, education and future work that I cherish so deeply. These are the four elements of life that I know are true and keep me grounded. Whatever else happens is powered by fate and faith.

If I could only take one lesson from this internship, it would be to allow fate to take its course. I have always been a perfectionist about life. Although the process is tedious, I am easing into a more livable balance of life yet still shooting for whatever moon will allow me to reach it.

I am glad to have gained new insight about the global challenges of extractive industries,   militarization, and religious difference. In transition, I hope to stay informed on these important real world topics and associated events. I am thankful for the new, diverse perspectives on faith, community, and culture that are continue to empower me to accept and grow from each of life’s stepping stones. I recall mentioning the first week how I believe our friends and teachers are one in the same; this ideal holds true.