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Communities Take Action

August 28, 2013

  Carlo Chavarría

Carlo Chavarría

The Catholic Church has taught me that all life is equal, and the concept of borders does not and should not alter this idea. Many immigrants come to America looking a new life; they want access to the privileges and possibilities we are blessed to have here. Despite this desire, immigrants are denied their right to live well in this country, as some believe their presence will negatively affect American culture. Those who think this, however, forget that the immigration process is long and expensive, and many of these people are hurt and humiliated by the enforcement of brutal immigration laws.  Changing U.S. immigration laws is an important way to stay true to the morals we uphold.

As communities who see or feel injustice take action we remember the commandment “love thy neighbor as thyself”.  This is especially true for DREAMers, undocumented immigrant minors who are now of college age seeking access to higher education. Unfortunately, many face the risk of deportation.  For DREAMers and other immigrants the promise of the American dream is denied to them despite the fact that for many of them, this country is the only life they know.  Some immigrant students only find out about their undocumented status half way through applying for college or a driver’s license, before they realize how vulnerable they are.

By denying immigrants access to a decent life, we hurt them and ourselves by limiting the growth of a truly global community. In the end, we should think about these families, and the kind of life they deserve.