Past, Present and Future

September 26, 2013

Fr. Frank Douglas

Fr. Frank Douglas gave his life to bring the Holy Gospel and news of Christ’s love to the people of the Philippines 70 years ago. As the Pastor of Pililla on the island of Luzon in 1939, Fr. Frank worked with the poor to bring faith to a place that truly struggled in the absence of it.

He established a Boy Scout Troop to reach the youth and even worked to organize a social action committee. His work moved forward and could not be stopped, even with the coming of war. In 1941 the Japanese invaded the Philippines and for the next several years his work was accomplished under tight and oppressive military subjugation, harassment, and interrogation.

Finally, in 1943, he was arrested under false pretenses and the occupying Japanese forces tortured and beat him horribly. He was taken away by the soldiers and his body was never recovered. Yet, Fr. Frank’s work lives on today in every life and Filipino family that he introduced to Christ and those he comforted and cared for at the time of their greatest need. Today, his legacy continues in the work of other Columban Fathers.

Fr. Sean Coyle’s dedication to the Miracle Girls of The Holy Family Home brings light to those suff ering in the darkness of poverty. The Holy Family Home is home to the Miracle Girls, between 40 and 50 girls, some as young as four, some in their early 20s. They are girls who have been abused, or come simply from a background of extreme poverty.

Fr. Vincent Busch’s Subanen crafts project gives the women of Northwest Mindanao a way to provide decent food, basic education and simple necessities to their families.

Fr. Shay Cullen’s work to fi ght human traffi cking and the abuse of women and children has brought peace to those most vulnerable. His co-founding of the Prevent and Rehabilitate Drug Abusers Foundation, PREDA, has given hope to those otherwise faced with a life of torment and subjugation.

If you would like to be a part of the continuing mission of the Columban Fathers through the dedication and eff orts of men like Fathers Douglas, Coyle, Busch, and Cullen, please consider praying for and making a gift to the Columban Fathers.