Call on Global Leaders

November 13, 2013

This week our hearts go out to the victims of Hurricane Haiyan in the Philippines. Tens of thousands are dead and even more displaced as a result of the biggest storm to hit the Philippines. Columban Fathers have accompanied the poorest and most vulnerable in the Philippines for decades and we share their suffering today.

As the Philippines tries to cope with Hurricane Haiyan, world leaders are gathered November 11th-22nd in Warsaw, Poland to continue talks towards an agreement to address climate change at the United Nations. It is widely recognized by the scientific community that climate change is linked to more frequent and more severe hurricanes such as Hurricane Haiyan and Hurricane Sandy. The newest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change draft report found that with near certainty that most of it is human-caused.

We need a global climate agreement that ensures the health of Creation and God’s most vulnerable human communities. This plan needs to be a binding agreement with adequate funding for adaptation assistance, mitigation, and low carbon development assistance.  In addition, this will require a structured means to assess and compensate for the loss and damage communities and nations accrue due to climate change. In light of hurricane Haiyan, we know that both the loss of human life and the costs of recovery will be tremendous and a climate agreement to prevent and mitigate such tragic disasters is urgent.

Send a letter to the State Department’s office of Faith-Based Partnerships calling for a binding agreement that meets the needs of the most vulnerable around the world here.