Looking for Something More

Columban Sr. Redempta Twomey lives and works in Ireland.
December 20, 2013

A well known up-market women’s magazine, much devoted to the cult of the body, the latest fashion, the “good life” has appointed a “spirituality editor.” It seems, according to her, that despite having it all together, so to speak, many of their readers are dissatisfied. “They are looking for something more,” she said. The secular paradise is not all it is advertised to be. Having the beautiful house, the second car, the latest style, does not satisfy the soul. She hopes that by devoting a page to spiritual matters she will help these thousands of people, mostly women, to find that “something more.”

The hunger for “something more” is a longing for the God who created us, though very often we don’t recognize this at all. Years are spent trying to assuage this emptiness with distractions of one kind or another. The proliferation of goods on offer at every turn indicates how determined we are to block out the pain of this hunger. We search outside ourselves not knowing that what we search for lies within the depths of our own heart. Like St. Augustine many a modern person can say, “I have lost myself in multiplicity.” Maybe they will also come to realize that, as he also said, “Our hearts are restless until they rest in You.”

The pace of life today is such that this restlessness has increased enormously. Nobody wants to be spinning around like a top, but the daily pressures catch up on us as relentlessly as the traffic during rush hour. Of course we get tired physically, but the more serious tiredness is the draining of our spirit. We can lose our appetite for life, become disgruntled and even depressed as a sense of the futility of things submerges us. Is this all there is? Is this all that life has to offer?

This, of course, can be a good place to be. We begin to take stock. Like those magazine readers who are looking for “something more,” we too start searching. Some will go to a counselor, some to a priest, some will take up yoga or join a meditation group while others will pursue varying interests. Some roads will prove to be dead ends while others may lead people astray. But if, with courage and patience we are steadfastly looking for the truth we will, in the end, find the right way.

A lot of pitfalls will be avoided if, from the outset, we pray to the Holy Spirit. In this post-modern age, when old certainties are gone and we seem to be standing on shifting sands, unsure of our bearings, perhaps even spinning out of control, the Spirit will help us in our search. This is the Spirit who lives in us, the Spirit of truth who, as Jesus promised, will lead us to the truth. The tragedy is that many people do not know this great Guide who, more that any one, knows the deep longings of our heart and is able to meet them. Lord, we pray that your Holy Spirit may help all of us on our journey through life to find the “something more” in your love.