February 15, 2010

We welcome you to the online home of the Missionary Society of St. Columban!

Society members are missionaries, sent by the Catholic Church, who for 90 years have answered the command and invitation of Jesus Christ to “go teach all nations.” We are Catholic priests (known as Columban Fathers), Sisters (known as Columban Sisters), and lay missionaries who strive to emulate Our Savior as well as do our works in His name.

How do we respond to Jesus’ call? By crossing boundaries.

We cross boundaries of nations, language and culture to establish the Catholic Church among people who have not heard the Good News of the Gospel. It is in cultures unlike our own where we live in solidarity with the poorest of our brothers and sisters, helping them with their earthly lives and preparing them for their lives in God’s Kingdom.

Our mission includes helping local Catholic churches evangelize their laity, promote ecumenical and interfaith dialogue, and foster among all baptized people an awareness of their missionary responsibility.

How do we accomplish our goals?

That’s where you come in!

We Columbans (as Society members are called) cannot answer our calling without your help. We invite you to join in our mission as you see fit.