Maurice Foley
March 31, 2014

Take me where the daffodils grow
It is cold in the middle of March with melted snow
Their manifestation in different degrees
Melts the souls of the people emerging from winter freeze.

Who made the daffodil so lovely and sleek
With yellow so fresh peeping out from the leeks
With the grandeur and glory of blossoming bulbs
Blessing nature’s preserve with a beautiful love.

The woodlands and lawns are alive with a mystical hue
The daffodils and cherry blossoms their beauty renew
Nature’s response can only set free
The beauty of God for everyone to see.

The highway illuminated with a daffodil romance
Rivals the lilies of the field at which Jesus did glance
And finding them relevant to the love His Father
Gave us strength to continue to the Kingdom where we will gather.

I know not the way to celebrate the bloom
Of the flowers that dispel the winters gloom
God gave us the best of His presence Divine
So we can worship the Lord at nature’s shrine.