Columban Fr. Maurice Foley
April 30, 2014

The Missionary road it twists and it bends
But you never suspect that it comes to an end
Like Elias of old who laid down and pleaded
Take my life |O Lord if such is needed.

The good news will go forth, of this we are sure
May the good Lord be praised; what more can we desire!
But how could it happen like this to me
Ah yes! you must retire gracefully.

“Go ye forth and teach ye all nations”
We answered that call way back in the 50’s
Overcome by the Lord and His grand invitation
We left everything behind to respond to our vocation.

The vineyard of the Lord has yielded its fruit
A harvest of souls have been brought to the truth
A new generation has a loud proclamation
Of redemption for all without exception.

So we did our very best to follow the Lord
His cross inspired us wherever we were
Through good times and bad, through peace and war
We are tired we must rest, we have gone far too far.

The disciples of Emmaus went back to the fold
Having met with the Lord and listened to His word
Forgive us our sins and bring us at last
For the things that went wrong have long since passed

The years that have flown have not been in vain
The Parusia is for those who fell in love again
The winter has passed, we have sown the seed
May the Lord of the harvest bring us home in our need.

Columban Fr. Maurice Foley lives and works in Peru.