The Weather

Columban Fr. Maurice Foley
May 30, 2014

They say the weather will rain today; the swallows are flying low.
The crows are building their nests up high; so it isint going to snow.
The seagulls are flying too far inland, so there is a storm in the offing
There are so many ways nature finds, to warn us of the weather we live in.

The squalls of wind came rushing bye and flattened all the barley
The hailstones came out of nowhere stripping the tree leafs completely
There was no excuse for this wild abuse of natural surprizes
No one controls the weather no matter how you may try it.

The morning sunshine raises our spirits and we all give thanks to the Lord
We survey the scene after breakfast and set off without a coat to our work
Overcome by a tropical rainstorm which came as a total surprize
We discover to rely on the weather is not the work of the wise.

The rain is the tears from heaven softening nature for plants to grow.
The storm is nature’s anger at the bad things that happen here below
The “Twister” out on the prairies destroys everything in its path
There is no mercy in a Typhoon as it tears the whole place apart

When you are walking on the sidewalk with the snow up to your knees
Your shoes are wet and your blood is cold and soon you begin to sneeze
The weather blows an icy wind that cracks your furrowed cheeks
And the guilty stain of a soul in pain buries our self-esteem.

Some think the weather is capricious;
Some a scientific fact,
Some use it for superstition,
But as a matter of fact
The weather is a gift of nature that comes from the God of love
We are never short of a blessing,
If we give thanks to the Lord above