God is Only a Call Away

Daniel Makgae Khutso, inmate of Lai Chi Kok Reception Centre, Kowloon.
May 30, 2014

What would you do first, if you noticed there was an intruder in your house in the middle of the night? I think the first thing to do would be to look for one’s phone to call for help, and of course, the police, right ? The police will ask of your situation and your address. You don’t need to remind them to bring along their guns, or bullet proof vests or other investigating equipment; they will know exactly what to bring, having heard your story. You put your trust in them. Besides, this is what they are trained for, and it will not have been the first time !

Well, the same goes for God. Whenever you find yourself in a desperate or unhappy situation, call to Him ! He will know exactly what to bring; if it is healing you need, He will bring it; if happiness, the same; if peace of mind, or release from grinding poverty, or freedom in your situation – whatever you are longing for, invite Him into your situation and He will bring what you need. All is takes is a call ! No need to go explaining to God in detail what you need; He knows it; He is well practised in this !!

At times, God uses situations to turn us away from danger and towards His face. Just like a mother lets her child scald himself (just a little) from a hot kettle, so that he will learn to heed her warnings next time. The mother has not stopped loving the child. So with God, call to Him and He will rescue you. When your house is being burgled, you don’t expect your neighbor to call the police, you do it yourself, because only you have the correct information. Same thing with your situation right now, don’t expect somebody else to make that rescue call for you – do it yourself ! Your life is in your hands and “God is only a call away”.

Exodus 33 talks of God and Moses’ conversation while Moses was in the desert. There is no ‘desert’ too remote for God to hear your cry, whether your desert is your burgled house, from a foreign country, or even from a prison cell. In Moses’ desert, there was no apparent hope, no water, no air conditioning, no happiness and no peace. So, please, whatever and whoever you are, God is patiently waiting for your call. So why don’t you put Him to the test and call unto Him right now and see if He is a God of empty promises or One who is Faithful ?
Daniel shared his story with Columban Fr. Patrick Colgan who lives and works in Hong Kong.