Serafina Ranada Vuda Eulogy

June 30, 2014

Serafina Ranada Vuda

Serafina Ranada Vuda, the Missionary vocation that God had woven in your heart Has come to an end when our Saviour called you apart To rest a while because you were tired and the evening of life was far spent He called you closer to Him because He knew that otherwise your love made no sense

You knew us well, Serafina Ranada, as we worked side by side In Peru, in Lima where your patient tenderness could abide With the poor and the sick; the marginalized and the broken of heart Where the Lord needed someone with sympathy who could take His part

Your patient serenity infused our Missionary team to greater self-esteem
The silence of your graceful presence helped us to redeem A sense that the Lord of love was calling us to know That the intrepid witness from the islands of Fiji would set our Missionary spirit aglow

It breaks our hearts to say farewell to a Missionary that meant so much There is no doubt that the Lord Himself will welcome her to His breast There is one unanswered need we have as we continue here below That the Lord who loved Serafina so much will bless us as we go.

Columban lay missionary Serafina Ranada Vuda died on May 31, 2014, following a short illness in Los Angeles, California. Columban Fr. Maurice Foley worked with Serafina in Peru for many years and wrote this eulogy.