Protecting Human Dignity through Peace

Ben Martell, Peace Intern
July 1, 2014

Benjamin Martell

Since birth I have been taught that all life is sacred, and above all, we should strive to protect it. In my life I have seen great inequality, whether it be due to economy, race, or social status. As a Catholic I aim to treat all with the same dignity and respect. The value of my life is no lesser or greater than that of any other. No matter what ideals have been instilled by society and culture, I know that the dignity and equality of a human is more important than the priority of a mission or task at hand.

Conflict first arises when one party disagrees with another, believing that they are above them in some way. War first arises when that one party believes that getting a message across is more important than the life of a human being. Catholic Social Teaching reiterates that war is no way to deal with conflict, as it puts innocent lives in danger. It calls upon countries, groups, and organizations to promote peace, thus removing lives from the crosshairs.

I am thrilled to be working on peace and conflict resolution in our nation’s capital. While I may not be a politician or person of influence, I believe my research and efforts can reach much further than one would expect. I am thoroughly looking forward to the relationships and connections that I will make in my efforts to promote the life and dignity of the human person. Focusing on issues in Pakistan, Myanmar, and Korea, I am confident that I will shed a new light on the pressing matters that put the lives of many at risk.