Why is Legacy important to us?

July 14, 2014

What does it mean to leave a legacy, to be remembered?  When we hear the word legacy, many of us think of family and friends.  How will they remember us when we are gone?  Will they recall the things that were important to us as their life continues here on earth?  Will they remember our faith, our caring spirit, the causes that we supported and the things that we held dear in our hearts?  These are questions that can be answered by our legacy.

Far too often, we seem to avoid the conversation about what will happen after we are gone.  Who will take care of our families and how will they be taken care of?  Have we taken the necessary steps to ensure that the resources and assets that we have will be directed in support of our families and those that we care about or will they be consumed by taxation and the state?  How will the causes that we have supported for so many years continue the work that we established, together?

A conversation with those closest to us is a starting point and it doesn’t need to be a difficult or sorrowful conversation.  It can be one full of the joy of the future and full of hope.  We leave this earth on our way to eternal reward, but before we go, it can be comforting for us and those we leave behind to know that all of these questions can be answered and our personal wishes can be fulfilled without any guesswork!

Remembering the Columban Fathers in your estate planning will ensure that your support of the calling of mission continues.  The work of God here on earth becomes your legacy to others.  Paul’s exhortation for us to; Bear one another’s burdens, and so you will fulfill the law of Christ (Galatians 6:2) becomes part of our own enduring legacy.  There are many ways to remember the Columban Fathers in your estate plans.  Some of us may choose to leave a specific amount in our will for the missions.  Others may provide certain amounts for their families and then leave the remainder of the estate, often called the residual, to the Columban Fathers.  If you already have a will, a simple codicil can be added to it to make provisions for a legacy gift to the Columban Fathers.

We urge you to take the time and consider all of your after plans; have the conversation with those you love and do not leave anything to chance.  For more information about the Columban Fathers Legacy Society or to request a handy guide on wills and estate planning, please contact Planned Giving Department toll free at (877) 299-1920.  You can also email us at plannedgiving@columban.org.