There are many ways to make a gift to the Columban Fathers

July 14, 2014

In today’s evolving economic conditions and our ever increasingly complex tax code, it can sometimes be difficult to match our desire to support mission work with our more flexible resources. Fortunately, the Columban Fathers can help to make your desire to partner in the mission a little less complex. There are many ways to make a gift to the Columban Fathers and some could be ways that you have never even considered!

The simplest way of making a gift to the missions is still with a cash gift, writing a check or with a credit card. However, for some of us, those assets aren’t as readily available as they used to be. Did you know that you could also add the Columban Fathers as a payable of death beneficiary on your existing annuity, certificate of deposit or bank account? You can also name the Columban Fathers as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy!

The Columban Fathers will also accept your gifts of stock, bonds or mutual funds. Quite often income from these assets can place us in an annual tax jeopardy situation as we get older. A gift of these assets to the Columban Fathers can relieve you of that tax burden and continue your strong support of the missions without impacting your more liquid cash flow.

There are more and more ways to continue your support of God’s Kingdom here on earth. For more information about making a gift to the Columban Fathers, please write, call or email us at The Missionary Society of St. Columban, P.O. Box 10, St Columbans, NE 68056, 1-877-299-1920 or