Who Called?

August 1, 2014

Who called who to go on Mission
I would sincerely ask permission
To state my case to you with this submission.

Now that I am old and grey and can no longer enter the fray
But at least may I be permitted to have my say
Of the time when the Lord Jesus my friend would accompany me to the end
And my doubts about what happened I can herby defend.

In the intervening years that were spent between joy and tears
And the cares of the Gospel accounted for my inmost fears
The details of the start of a career that broke my heart
Are buried in the ananls of a mysterious lovely spark.

Waylaid by St. Columban in a moment of youthful perception
Of the condition of us humans in urgent need of Christian redemption
The ignited spark took fire and slowly started to glow
In a context that bothered me like you cant possibly know.

Other initiatives I left behind; the Legion of Mary were so kind
While I went on my way they would always keep me in mind
The apostolate of the sick was disposed of very quick
And fears of all the consequences were firmly left behind.

For a Missionary enterprise
You have to specialize
And adapt your personal resources to the call.

The Seminary of St. Columban was that place
Where we received a special grace
And accumulated our way to holiness first of all.

It would be wrong to understate
How our devotions did facilitate
The help of the Blessed Virgin, St. Martin de Porres and St. Paul

Christ the Way the Truth and the Life
Needed exposure in a world of strife
Where Communism and Materialism dominated

We would take our Cross and go
And set the world aglow
With the symbol of the Son of God, immolated.

Now the world has passed us out
And there is need without a doubt
Of the love of God to redeem the modern era

What happened in our watch
No longer prevails within the Church
But the Holy Spirit will bring us all into his Kingdom.

Columban Fr. Maurice Foley lives in Navan, Ireland.