The Vast Beyond

August 27, 2014

The vast horizon that rings the sea
Brings wavelets lapping on the beach
Nature’s Morse code sending us a message
From the outer rim as far as we can see.

The vast expanse of Marine space
Invites the viewer to gaze and gaze
Anesthetizing the troubled mind, the
tired worker and even despairing mankind

The staccato rise and flow of ebbing wavelets
Pierce the conscience of the gazing world
From which a soul arises
Looking for meaning in God’s holy word.

The Mystic message: break free, break free
Comes insisting from that placid sea
Intruding in my inner sanctuary
Where my personality frets and accuses me.

The spirit of my own Galilee is revealed
When I look out to sea and all the messages are tumbling free
From the wavelets of the sea
And brings me home safe and sound where blessings of God most abound.

The sea can betray, the sea can destroy
And the sound of powerful waves breaking, can annoy
But the view of monstrous breakers frothing menacingly
Provokes a mood that wreaks destruction on hypocrisy
Which is, struggling for what cannot be.

Let the poor and destitute view the immensity
That springs free from the never-ending sea
That reflects the saving love of a Son
Who was crucified on a tree
Notwithstanding that He calmed the sea of Galilee

The uncharted sea of ambivalence, misunderstanding and
Error inundates our pilgrim life with strife
And somewhere in that heavenly horizon
There comes a grace which grows apace and rescues me.

Columban Fr. Maurice Foley lives in Navan, Ireland.