High is the Heaven, Deep is the Sea

September 18, 2014

howhighNext year marks the 1400 anniversary of the death of St. Columban. As part of a series of initiatives to mark this anniversary the Columbans commisioned Liam Lawton to write and record a new hymn that calls to mind the contemporary Columban concerns of justice and peace, care for the earth and reconcilaition between peoples.

You can listen to a recording of the song below and also download the sheet music.

Saint Columban (Columbanus) an “illustrious Irishman who left his own country for voluntary exile, willed and achieved a spiritual union between the principal European countries of his time. He is the patron Saint of all those who now seek to build a united Europe.”
Robert Schuman, one of the founders of the European Union, at a Congress on Columban in Luxeuil in July 1950.

Listen Here: High is the Heaven, Deep is the Sea – Music File

High is the Heaven, Deep is the Sea

High is the Heaven, Deep Is The Sea
High is the heaven, deep is the sea
Wide is your wisdom that calls us to be
Formed in your Spirit that we might reveal
Love is your dwelling, love is your dwelling,
O eternal mystery

And what of the world that it may reflect
The presence of God, this beauty on earth
Wise be the soul who longs to respect
The Creation of God from its birth to its death,

And what of the heart that yearns to be true
In care for another, in love for the poor
Embracing the wounds that long to be healed
In a harvest of love, in earths lonely fields

And what of the soul that searches for peace
Wearied from toil, yet burdened in sleep
Drink deep from the well in silence refined
Where hope is revealed and love is the sign

And what of the time that passes away
While only God’s love for all still remains
For all things shall pass and all things know change
For we are but Pilgrims, still finding the way

And what of our Joy that our hearts should know
The harvest of saints, gathered and grown
The gift to our day from cells hewn in stone
Columban of God, your name we make known

Composed by Liam Lawton
Arranged by Mark Cahill
Performed by The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Choir: Voices of ireland Chamber Choir
You can download the sheet music here