Pope Francis will address Congress

September 24, 2015

Columban Friends,

Dawn  breaks darkness,  pink purple yellow orange sky,  clouds swirl. Hope breaks dispair with song,  laughter, prayer, and prophecy. We stand here today in the heart of world political power,  carrying the world’s heart of song and clamor  that beckons us ever deeper to a new world of justice, peace, love,  unity,  and wholeness. Columban Fr. Peter Hughes

It has been truly electric to have Pope Francis among us in the US in Washington D.C.  The streets are alive with enthusiasm, hope and unity. At 9:45am ET USA, Sept 24, Pope Francis will address Congress, the first Pope to ever do so.  Columbans including Fr. Peter Hughes, the CCAO team and Amy Echeverria, the JPIC International Coordinator for the Missionary Society of St. Columban, will be here for the historic moment to support along with thousands of others from many faith traditions.