Columban Companions In Mission

Become a part of the active ministry of Columban missionaries by participating in our Columban Companions in Mission program.

Who are Columban Companions in Mission? Companions are lay people and religious who are engaged in full or part-time ministry and are willing to help Columbans promote the message of world mission in their communities.

Companions in Mission

Companions in Mission

As a Companion, you will be presented with opportunities to offer your time and talent as you share with others in the baptismal call to mission.

Companions are dedicated friends of the Columbans invited to believe in these goals:

* The responsibility of all Catholics for world mission

* The exchange of faith experiences among local churches

* The challenge of the Gospel vision of justice and peace

As a Companion, you will enjoy:

* Enrichment and encouragement for your ministry

* Deepening understanding of mission spirituality

* Networking with other missionaries

Columban Companions in Mission promote Columban mission education materials by becoming familiar with our resources and visiting with religious educators, principals, diocesan directors and mission coordinators.

Columban Companions help conduct in-service programs for educators in teaching elementary and secondary school students, as well as adults, and helping out at conferences, conventions and workshops at which Columban Mission Education participates.

Columban Companions work with the Columban Mission Education staff to strengthen the mission activities of local Catholic churches.

Our members also reflect on recent developments in world mission and then actively volunteer to promote mission awareness.

To learn more about becoming a Columban Companion in Mission, please contact us. We invite you to become a vital partner in our Catholic missionary work.

For more information, contact Sr. Jeanne Janssen at this address, or use the form below.

Connie Wacha
Mission Education Director
P.O. Box 10

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