We invite you to … Journey With Jesus!

Our Mission Education program for elementary and middle school students, titled Journey With Jesus, is an exciting, informative DVD series with related curriculum that will teach your students about Catholic mission today and the call to mission all baptized people share.

Journey With Jesus teaches your students about different cultures, the importance of peace-building, care for the environment, respect for other faiths and understanding and respecting all of God’s people.

Journey With Jesus is a supplementary mission education curriculum for pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. The school version consists of five lessons and the parish version consists of one lesson.

Each lesson contains:

– Opening and closing prayers

– Video presentations (DVD or VHS)

– Original songs on CD (not included in parish version)

– Activities

– At-home connections (not included in parish version)

– Poster

In addition, the teacher-friendly manual contains background teaching materials, a materials checklist and preparation needs for each lesson, graphics pages or worksheet masters, suggested resources and more.

All Mission Education programs are offered free on loan. All you pay is the return postage. Programs are also available for purchase. Contact us for purchase information.

Watch a three-minute trailer for the Journey With Jesus program.

Program curriculum for each grade:
Pre-kindergarten: Vinny’s New Day
Meet children of other lands. Learn about Baptism and belonging to God’s family. Discover ways to love like Jesus.

Kindergarten: Children of the World
All children are part of God’s family. Children are alike and different. God calls them to be missionaries. Celebrate being a part of God’s family.

Grade 1: Families Around the World
Understand that all children are part of God’s family. Explore the concept of the world as our home. Learn about missionaries who teach about others.

Grade 2: Building Communities of Peace
The Christian call to be peacemakers. Call to build community. Eucharist is the celebration of the Christian community. Celebrate the gift of community in their lives.

Grade 3: Respect for All God’s People
What human dignity means and why each person deserves dignity. Understand the responsibility they have to respect the rights of others.

Grade 4: Care for Creation
Recognize all creation as a gift from God. Look at the importance of water in people’s lives. Understand the responsibility to use God’s resources wisely.

Grade 5: Respect for Different Faith Traditions
Understand the importance of faith in people’s lives. The importance of prayer in all religious traditions and about different prayer styles. Understand and appreciate their own faith tradition.

Grade 6: Standing on the Side of the Poor
Understand what it means to be poor. Learn the difference between charity and justice. Learn what students can do right where they are.

Grade 7: Beyond Borders: Migrants, Immigrants and Refugees
Understand why people migrate. Understand what it means to be a refugee. Understand the baptismal call to mission.

Grade 8: Culture: Gift and Blessing
Learn the meaning of culture and the role it plays in their lives. Look at different cultures and the gifts they offer. How different cultures worship and celebrate.

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