The In-Between Time

By Columban Fr. Cyril Lovett
March 1, 2017

To be human means to live from day to day,
Searching the way forward,
Inching towards a clearer sense of identity and purpose.
I wonder what it was like for Jesus?
I imagine a growing sense of belonging in God,
warmed, supported, strengthened by the Father’s love;
and a consciousness of latent powers
to be used someday, somewhere.
Meanwhile, the in-between time.
Then suddenly, simply, it was time:
a crisis for friends at a moment of celebration,
It was Mary who guessed, intuitively, and prompted
John remembers Jesus’ hesitation
but she knew she was right…
So, mission lived as search
and patient waiting,
immersed in the reality of others,
living out the love that must be shared;
Mission that cannot be foreseen…
Only lived.

Columban Fr. Cyril Lovett lives and works in Ireland.