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May 28, 2010


CCAO interns, staff, and Columban Father Sean Dwan meet with Representative Adam Schiff to discuss immigration reform

Spend a semester at the Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach learning how to advocate and organize for social change through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching in the Nation’s Capitol. Interns follow one of our advocacy issues for a semester and learn how that issue affects the countries where Columbans serve. Interns will have opportunities to help educate and advocate for policies that address injustices related to their issue area.

We are currently accepting internship applications for Summer and Fall 2014. Fall interns serve for 10-15 hours per week. Summer interns serve for 40 hours a week. Deadline for Summer interns is February 23rd. Deadline for Fall Interns is March 16th.

Internship Activities Include:

  1. Learn about your assigned issue area through the news, reports, coalition meetings, Congressional briefings and hearings, and other meetings in the D.C. area as determined by you and the Advocacy Associate.
  2. Arrange and meet with Congressional staffers to present Columban advocacy priorities
  3. Learn to write letters to decision makers concerning Columban priorities
  4. Develop material for newsletters, action alerts and other publications to educate people of faith and policy makers
  5. Contribute to a blog and other social media
  6. Spend time reflecting on your intern experience as a group in weekly gatherings and through the CCAO Advocacy blog

Advocacy Priorities include:

  1. Migration: Global economic & climate migrants, human trafficking, U.S. immigration
  2. Environmental Justice: Climate change, food justice, water rights, extractive industries
  3. Economic Justice: International trade agreements, debt cancellation
  4. Peace and Conflict Resolution: Demilitarization, drones, human rights, and extractive industries (oil, gas, mining and human rights conflicts)

Advocacy Intern benefits

  1. 1. Learn effective skills to advocate for social change
  2. 2. Network with other NGO professionals and government officials in the field
  3. 3. Transportation stipend between the office and outside meetings provided
  4. 4. Summer interns are provided with free housing in a Catholic intentional community and a small monthly living allowance. This internship is especially geared towards students outside of the Washington, D.C. area.

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