June 1, 2010

Download a new 2014 Lenten guide focused on justice for immigrants. Developed in collaboration with Catholic partners, this guide contains weekly opportunities for prayer, reflection, and action throughout the Lenten season.

Climate Migrants: U.S. Immigration:
Migrant workers are essential to many economies, but they are vulnerable to extreme exploitation.

People around the world face difficulty providing for their families and leading dignified lives in their home country, and can fulfill a much needed role in foreign economies.

But living away from home exposes them to abuse, human rights violations and discrimination.

We believe in the human right to mobility and we work to improve global conditions for migrant laborers. Read More

Our faith calls us to welcome the stranger but existing policies in the U.S. push migrants deeper into the shadows of society, keeping them in a semi-permanent state of insecurity and vulnerability.

The pope reminds us to protect the “rights of individual migrants and their families, and at the same time, those of the host countries.”

We need policies that address root causes of migration, and respect the dignity of migrants- regardless of their nationality or legal status. Read More