Economic Justice

| June 1, 2010 Print
Trade Debt
Inequalities in the global economic system tend to benefit large corporations and siphon off scarce resources from impoverished countries.

This gives the natural world, developing governments, family farmers and workers little hope.

Policies should be re-conceived to benefit the common good- by respecting creation and human dignity; upholding the rights of farmers, workers and the dignity of work; and valuing fair distribution, sustainable development and care for creation over corporate profits. Read More

Some of the world’s poorest countries spend more on re-paying debts than on vital poverty reduction programs.

Recently, debt relief has gained more attention, but emphasis needs to be placed on mitigating the strict conditions which accompany grants and low-interest loans. The biblical tradition of Jubilee renewal requires the canceling of debts at least once each generation.

Jubilee renewal challenges us to join our global brothers’ and sisters’ struggle for liberation from poverty by helping break the chains of debt. Read More