AITECE- Teaching in China

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Would you like to make a difference by going to China with the AITECE teachers and experts program?  AITECE (Association for International Teaching, Educational and Cultural Exchange) facilitates teachers and experts in sharing their knowledge and Christian values with Chinese youth.
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Testimony: “There is no doubt that I see the world differently as a result of my experience in China.  Just the ordinary things we do as human beings, because we care for one another, meant so much to the teachers and students.”  -An AITECE Teacher

AITECE is an independent, non-profit organization sponsored by the Missionary Society of St. Columban which connects teachers and experts to Chinese educational institutes to foster the modernization of China, especially in the area of education.

Qualifications of an ideal AITECE teacher include:

  • Christian  faith
  • Masters (preferred) or Bachelors Degree
  • Openness to learn from other cultures
  • Work or volunteer experience
  • TEFL certification (preferred)

Other Information:

  • AITECE Teachers sign 1-year contracts with Chinese colleges and universities; contracts can be renewed.
  • Housing is typically provided in on-campus apartments with private kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Monthly salaries depend on the qualifications and experience of each teacher and on the location of each college or university.  AITECE ensures that each teacher receives a salary which is adequate to provide at least frugal comfort.

Contact Brian Radziwill for more information: 301-565-4547 or
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