Counting of the students a sign of progress

Cristina Estrada
June 9, 2010

Well, we’ve been working on our project in the community for eleven years, now, thank God–and thanks, as well, to the people who have donated funds to our education project, so necessary to help our children and young people.

We’ve got a lot of work going on this month.  This is the time when children and young people begin a new academic period, and I’ve got to be alert for anything they might need.

For example, I need to count the number of children who are starting school at the primary (elementary) level, and also the number of those who begin secondary (high school) level.  I also need to verify how many are beginning preparatory school in the month of June.

We’re going to have 15 young people graduate from secondary school, and I’m holding a meeting with their parents in order to review together with them what possibilities these young people have to continue on towards their preparatory education.

There are also four students who have graduated from preparatory school, although only two of them took the examination for university entrance.

I’m also pleased and very proud to tell you that one of our young people will graduate with a degree in nursing in the last week of June!  The young man’s name is Cipriano Meza Gonzalez.

I’m so thankful to God for permitting me to see that my efforts are bearing such positive fruit!