Hurley: Visitor, Congressional visit highlight first week

James Hurley
June 15, 2010

When I left New York I was not sure what to expect of my time in D.C. And, well, one week into it, I am still not sure what to expect. In the first week of my seven-week summer internship at the CCAO office in Washington, D.C .I have been fortunate enough to go on a congressional visit, meet some truly great friends that will last a lifetime, and go on some amazing runs.

James Hurley

My time in the office for week one has been somewhat limited as we had a visitor, Columban Fr. Liam O’Callaghan, with us and thus we toured the nation’s capital. On the agenda for the week was my first congressional visit with Michelle Knight, Fr. Liam, and a fellow intern, Bernice Ramos.

Never having been on such a visit before I was unsure as to what would happen, but Fr. Liam and the representatives basically engaged in a conversation on the issues of Pakistan, and how they relate to U.S. foreign policy at present. There was some back and forth discussion, and the congressional staffers took various notes (as did Bernice and I) and we continued on our way (both presumably to develop reports) and suggest that we would follow up. My first congressional visit; an experience that I am sure will be repeated a myriad of times over this summer.

Although this is not my first time in town, I cannot help but think how truly fortunate I am to spend a considerable amount of time here this summer, growing in faith through advocacy. With the formalities behind us, I am confident that the next few weeks will be challenging in regards to the work at the CCAO office, the community living that we are all engaged in and the development of our faith as we continue to grow as individuals in our nation’s capitol over the next six weeks.