CCAO T-Shirt Contest Winners Announced

July 15, 2010

The Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach is happy to announce the winners of the recent CCAO Facebook contest!  Contestants were asked to complete this sentence: “Today I saw God’s love when… ”

We received many inspiring entries, and it was difficult to pick our favorites.  Scroll down to read the top three entries- each of these contestants will receive a CCAO t-shirt for their answers.

Fireworks- 4th of July

  • “Today I saw God’s love when I felt the depth of happiness in the eyes of my son as he exclaimed in awe witnessing the beauty of fireworks that magically scattered lights and colors in the sky even though the meaning of the 4th of July celebration remained strange to him.”
  • Today I saw God’s love when a blind couple softened my heart by demonstrating how selfless love and kind gesture work in the hearts of those who couldn’t see yet feel the urgency to respond to the call of saving another person’s life.
  • Today I saw God’s love when a teen from Rosary Chuch Lifeteen in Hongkong shared her insights on the work of Thomas Merton; it gives me hope for the younger generation.

Visit our Facebook page to read more of the great entries which were submitted, and stay tuned, we’ll have another contest soon!