Ana: Faith calls us to help those in need

Ana Heck
July 25, 2010

My time working at the Columban Center for Advocacy and outreach has flown by.  I arrived this summer with limited knowledge about various food issues and the political system.

Ana Heck

Ana Heck

Since then, I have researched U.S. food policies, legislative stances of senators and representatives, and attended working group meetings and hearings.  I was able to use what I learned to develop materials that explain our office’s position on certain issues related to food.  This summer has been full of learning experiences.

Just last week, I met with Congressional staffers about the Global Food Security Act.  Our office supported the bill because it would reduce global poverty, consider local and vulnerable populations, and develop agriculturally sustainable practices.  I explained to the staffers why our office likes the goals of the bill, and asked that their representative consider co-sponsoring the bill.

Since our faith mandates that we help those in need and feed the hungry, I was able to frame my argument from a Christian perspective.   This meeting was a great way for me to share what I had learned and put my faith and passion for social justice into action.

I have always believed that the United States has a responsibility to help those living in extreme poverty.  My time and research at the Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach has given me the insight and confidence to express this belief in a political setting.

I am excited to bring what I have learned about the political system and food issues back to my advocacy work at my university.