A thriving community of faith (Peru)

Fr. Arturo Aguilar
August 4, 2010

Dear Columban Friend,

It is the deep sense that faith is a blessing we want to share with others that inspires Columban missionaries to cross borders of country, language and culture. We believe that it is this faith which inspires your steadfast support of Columban mission.

Catechists  attending class.

Catechists attending class.

In 2004, you responded generously to our request for financial assistance to build the Combapata Catechetical Center in Combapata, Peru. Thanks to your generous assistance, Columban Fr. Donald Hornsey was able to build the Center which includes two classrooms and a dining room but, at the time it was constructed, there were no funds available to add a chapel. The community remains economically poor, but the people of Combapata generously share their time, talent and faith.

Currently the Center meets three direct needs in the geographic area.  First, the Center provides the meeting space for the lay and youth formation meetings, as well as First Communion and confirmation programs of the parish. Second, due to its central location, the Combapata Center is often used as a retreat center and meeting place for the six parishes in the zone. Third, the Center provides space for the Department of Evangelization and Catechesis of the Prelature of which Fr. Don is the director. The Center is a thriving, busy place!

Lunch time

Lunch time

Recently, Fr. Don contacted me about the desire to add a chapel to the Center. The chapel would be a quiet place for prayer and reflection, both individually and in small groups, and for celebration of the Eucharist. The chapel would help promote devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and be easily accessible to the people who are there on formation.

The chapel Fr. Don and the people are dreaming of would be made of adobe bricks, and the builders would utilize sand and gravel from the river during the building process.  It would have a big window with a view of the hills and would accommodate 60-70 people.  There would be concrete benches around the walls with storage cabinets underneath.

Any offering you can send us, large or small, to help Fr. Don and the community he serves build their chapel will be gratefully received.  In whatever way we are able to help others, we help further the mission of Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ, Fr. Arturo Aguilar