Numbers are relative

Dan Diamond
August 9, 2010

I think I mentioned that we are in winter right now and I have to admit that it feels a little cold here. Of course anyone who looks up the temperature here and compares it to that of a winter day in Minnesota would say I am crazy.

Today is a relatively nice day because the sun is out, which is kind of a rare thing here during these months, but if you are in the shade it is cold. Right now it is 64°F (18°C) and I am using a fleece jacket with a sweatshirt underneath it. Tonight it will probably get down to 55°F (13°C) and I will put on my winter shell and a cap to walk to meeting I have…and the thing about it is that I will be cold during the meeting.

Then when I get home and Meri and I are relaxing I will leave my jacket on and put on a stocking cap so I can retain some of the heat. Isn’t that crazy? Sometimes I like to tease people here and tell them how people in Minnesota will wear shorts in the spring the first couple of days the temperature is in the 40’s (5°C); they look at me like I am crazy.

So why does the temperature here feel so cold? It is because we hover between 70 and 90 percent humidity so everything is always dank. It is so humid here it is very hard to dry clothes and many of our things have started growing mold; i.e. anything nylon like backpacks. The other thing is that we don’t have central heat here therefore the temperature in the house is just as cold as outside, and 55°F (13°C) is pretty cold with this high level of humility.

I remember before we left the States I would look at the temperature here and say to myself, wow they have great weather there. Now that we live here I still think it is better than a -20°F (-28°C) day in January in Minnesota but not quite perfect. That is why I think numbers out of context are relative.