Being You and a Missionary

August 16, 2010

Columbans have various talents from public speaking and guitar playing to showing compassion and being a listener. What’s your skill? A missionary priest good with his hands can literally have a hands-on approach to common things like updating shelter and fixing equipment.

A priest with strong story-telling skills can capture stories to share with Columban supporters. Those stories inspire more involvement, financial support, and greater good in your parish.

A priest with a business sense can play a key role in efficiency and accountability, stretching the support of others to have great lasting effects.

Current Columban Fathers appreciate that our missionary society is smaller than some, allowing for more personal connections. Through those we begin to recognize the strengths of individuals. We aren’t as concerned about fitting in.

In Seminary, you’ll immediately meet people who have different backgrounds from you.  The call they heard may have sounded different, and the path they are on might lead a different direction. But the paving of that path comes from God, and He blesses us with unique talents with which to travel.