Witnessing the growth of the church

August 16, 2010

Fr. Charlie O’Rourke recalls the growth of the church in Korea and how he witnessed God’s work.

The people were coming out in such large number, and I asked them why? what were they looking for?

Inevitably they would answer, ‘I’m looking for meaning to my life, and I’m looking for peace of mind, peace of heart.’

And it was only after hearing that over and over, I realized that God, through us has a tremendous gift to offer people, the peace of God.

In the midst of their struggles, what they were going through, to know that there was a God there for them with unconditional love for them, made a tremendous impression on them and it brought home to me the realization that we have a gift and we should be sharing that with people throughout the world.

Having received this themselves, they had the zeal and enthusiasm to go out and share that with those around him.

We didn’t have to do any recruiting. The people did the recruiting themselves because they were so taken up with the love of God.