Parish Anniversary…Part 1

Meri Diamond
August 19, 2010

Time flies and it becomes difficult to keep the Blog as updated as we would like it to be. Believe me…it is not a lack of things to share about our lives in Peru because every week is a different adventure and we could write about it all. It is a matter of time. However, this tool has proven to be a great way to keep our friends and loved ones in the loop of our mission experience.

So here is quick update about the activity that is occupying a lot of my time at the present moment:

Our Parish Los Santos Arcangeles (The Saint Archangels) is celebrating its Ninetieth Anniversary of being founded. The anniversary celebrations go on during the month of August with sport championships, community talks about the issues that affect them and a day for a massive wedding.

This coming Saturday and Sunday are the main days for celebration. On Saturday, there will be choir and dance competitions among the different Chapels of the Parish. The night will end with more music and fireworks. On Sunday, there will be a special mass, award ceremonies for the artistic contests of Saturday and a Bingo to collect funds for remodeling one of the chapels that is in bad condition.

At one of the Parish monthly meetings with the coordinators of every Chapel, I was asked to help a group of young adults with the organization of the choir contest. It has been an interesting experience for me. Our team has met frequently for over a month to establish the rules of the contest, invite chapels to participate, secure funds for all the costs and wait patiently for chapels to sign up because they wait until the last minute to do that.

The one thing that I am specially excited about is that representatives from most of the 15 chapels will be singing a number together at the end of the contest. It is the first time in 19 years that something like this has been done. The purpose of this effort is to promote Parish unity and collaboration. We also want to reach those among the audience who have not been motivated to participate in their local Chapels as choir members, pastoral agents (sacrament preparation) or any of the many ministries that every Chapel needs to recruit people.

We are trying to be as confidential as we can about this presentation to make it a surprise for the the entire Parish. I wish I had pictures of the multiple gatherings to practice for this number but I don’t. It gets so chaotic at times that the last thing I am thinking about is pictures. We will try our best to get this part of the event filmed to share it with you and all those that truly believe we are making history.

In Parish Anniversary…Part 2, I will let you know how it all went. I am sure we will have pictures to share and possibly the video. Thank you for staying tuned!