Once upon a time…

August 22, 2009

…Daniel Diamond, a Minnesotan boy and Juliana Maria Martinez-Fajardo (Meri Diamond), a Colombian girl met and fell deeply in love. A life-long dream they shared from the beginning was to do overseas mission work with the Catholic Church. The Missionary Society of St. Columban was always their option number one because of family ties and previous experiences. It was not easy to follow their vocation but God made sure things fell into place at the right time in their lives.

Dan and Meri were accepted into the formation program in August of 2008 and moved to Los Angeles, CA to begin the four-month initial training starting in January 2009. Following this they were invited to El Paso, TX for one month to get familiarized with the Columban ministries happening at the US/Mexican border. It was decided that they would complete their nine-month formation working in El Paso until December 2009, after being commissioned as Lay Missionaries at their home parish in Minnesota on June 21, 2009. Their country of assignment in Peru. Dan and Meri will be the first married couple to join this mission region where Columbans have had a long standing presence.

Dear family and friends: Our story will continue to unfold and this blog will help us share it with you. Thank you for walking with us as we fulfill our dream and answer God’s call.