Dan Diamond
September 16, 2009

What does that mean? I hadn’t thought much about it until I was watching a short video from a guy I grew up with. He has a really cool blog where he periodically gives 1 minute updates of things he thinks are cool…they are normally really funny. This one particular day he was in his home office and wanted to show some certificates that he had gotten for completing marathons. On the way to show his wall of fame he noted that his office was cluttered and he was a little embarrassed about it. It was funny at that moment I started to drift off and think about his clutter while missing the rest of the video. I thought to myself…wow…he has no plan of going anywhere anytime soon. Then I thought to myself…that is a funny thing to stop and think about.

The next day I was talking to my sister Ann and she said one thing that really struck her about what Meri and I are doing is that we have left everything behind and followed a call. I assured her that Columbans were taking care of all of our needs and we were very content with what we were doing. She said that wasn’t what she was talking about. She was talking about how we are living in a different city without anything of ours; no security blankets per say. It was at that moment that I remembered the video I watched the day before and it clicked why I got hung up on the clutter.

Sometimes the “clutter” is the glue that holds us together; whether the clutter is: things around the house, a picture of a family member, an old sweatshirt that we love, or anything else that gives us peace; it is necessary to most people. Meri and I have had to learn to create new “clutter” in our lives and there is no doubt that sometimes it is hard when you are on the move…and sometimes watching a video where a person’s office is messy makes you miss the mundane.

Someday the new things we have here in El Paso will be the old things that we long for in Peru…that is why I am trying to stay in the here and now and live out this truly awesome gift that God has given us.