We’ve been assigned!!!

April 11, 2010

To be honest with you I wanted this entry to be about our Holy Week in Huandoy but Easter week went by and I did not have the chance to describe the wonderful experience we had.

The community’s desire to participate vibrantly in all the celebrations was humbling and faith filled. The best part of all of this was that we found out this week that we were assigned to Huandoy, which was our first choice and the parish we truly felt called to. We are in the process of finding housing which can be difficult in this area but we are sure we will find a comfortable place to call home.

This coming week is the Regional Assembly where all Columban priests, Associate priests and Lay Missionaries get together at a Retreat House to discuss the plans for the upcoming year as well as issues that affect the Peruvian Region.

It should be very interesting since it is our first time attending. So if we are a little out of touch during the next couple of days, you will know why.