Food – Peruvian Style

Dan Diamond
February 16, 2010

As many of you know I love traditional food and the best way to find that, in my opinion, is either eating in someone’s house or eating on the street. And the best way to make anything that is already good much better is to add an ice cold Coke from a glass bottle into the equation. We had two great meals last week and both for different reasons.

The first thing we enjoyed was a burger Peruvian style from a small restaurant near the Lay Mission house. It was 8:00 PM, we were starving and just didn’t know what to eat. The problem that we thought we were going to run into was finding a place open at that time (the main meal hear would be lunch) that wasn’t actually a vendor on the street with a cart or a Chinese restaurant (I used to love Chinese food but after working at Asian Foods for almost 10 years and enjoying that cuisine 2 to 4 times a week I am a little sick of it).

The other option we had was to buy some fresh bread, but we had done that a lot lately so that was out too. Then like the star that lead the three wise men to Jesus I could smell something that had to be delicious, I followed my senses and found the place of my dreams…Hamburguesa Mix (Hamburger Mix). They had three different things you could start with: hamburger, hot dog, or chicken. Then the rest of the fixings were added as you wanted; but all inside the bun with the meat. Meri and I chose the same thing: hamburger, cheese, fried egg, French fries (in the bun), lettuce, and tomato.

Then the icing on the cake, or the burger in this case, was a choice of 6 delicious sauces (I chose a spicy sauce called aji and Meri chose ketchup). We sat at one of the three tables and enjoyed the burger along with a drink of choice…can you guess what I chose?…you’ve got it…an ice cold Coke in a glass bottle. I was in heaven!!!!! The best part came when we went to pay, 10 Soles ($3.50) for the both of us. The whole time we ate I wished we had a camera so I could have taken a picture to show everyone; next time.

The second meal we had was Cuy (pronounced cuwee) which is Guinea Pig (sorry Jessica). It is a traditional dish here and we had asked the family where we are staying if they knew how to make it. Not only did they know how to make it but they love it and Juan (the father in the house) said that he was very lucky because Gloria (his wife) was the best Cuy chef he had ever tasted. The process of cooking Cuy is an all day affair and we really appreciate all the work Gloria put into it for us.