Duck anyone?

Meri Diamond
February 4, 2010

On January 23rd, Dan and I gathered a few of our belongings and headed to a month-long living experience with a Peruvian family. The purpose of this move was to be exposed to Peruvian life as it happens in an every day setting. Our family’s name is Guerrero-Mateo and it is formed by Juan (Dad), Gloria (Mom), Gloria (Daughter), Lesly (Daughter) and Anelli (Daughter).

They all have a unique set of skills and lots of charm but one of the things that is interesting about them is that the parents are engineers, two of the daughters are going to school for engineering and the youngest is studying hard to get into engineering school as well (There are 60,000 applicants for this State school and only 2,000 spots available). Competition is tough for anyone wanting to have a shot to public university education.

Like the engineering theme wasn’t interesting enough, we found something in their house that makes this family even more interesting. The day we arrived we were welcomed by everyone and given a tour of the house. It is simple, comfortable and very city-like. During the tour, they asked us to go up some stairs that right away looked suspicious to me. There were feathers everywhere and I thought: “Where I am being taken to? Can it be that this city house keeps chickens on the roof? Well…it can be….and not only chickens but hens, roosters, ducks, ducklings about to be born and a 3 month white kitty that lives up there among the birds.

Finding such a vibrant set up on our roof has been quite amusing. I wanted to know everything about rising approximately fifty birds. Was it for the families consumption? Birthday presents for relatives? Cooking a duck for special celebration? Or is it Gloria’s hobby? The answer is all of the above and it has been fun to see how they are fed and cared for. I missed the birth of 17 ducklings But what I did not miss was how mom-duck puts all of her babies underneath her for warmth and they all try desperately to find a place close to her. I was intrigued by this because Dan and I are just hatched to Peruvian life and are being taken underneath a lot of people’s wings to help us through establishing ourselves in our new life . Thank you to the Guerrero-Mateo family, the Columban Fathers our peer lay missionaries and especially our families back home who pray for us and wish us well.