Finally in Lima

January 12, 2010

Well we know we have been bad about posting on the blog but we promise to be better.

We arrived in Lima on Saturday afternoon after 30 days of travel…needless to say we were beat. The travel was definitely worth it though. We were able to visit: MN, Atlanta, and Colombia. During that time we saw all of our intimidate family and many of our extended families; not to mention a ton of friends.

We were greeted in Lima by 5 other lay missionaries and one Columban priest. Unfortunately for them we were literally the last passengers to exit the baggage area because we had to pay a tax on one of our computers (we didn’t realize we could only bring one per person and we have 3 (yes I can be a computer geek sometimes)). After we met everyone we headed for the lay mission house which is about 15 minutes from the airport. We got to know everybody and enjoyed Domino’s pizza before getting some much needed rest.

We have visited a couple of the parishes and still have a couple of more to see. The parishes are huge!! The first one we went to has more than 20 chapels and maybe around 100,000 people. On Monday I will start studying Spanish and we will probably move in with a family for the first month. Meri will start to get us established while I study.

That is about it for now. We will write again soon and post some pictures too.