Moral support a big factor in success in school

September 1, 2010

Cristina Estrada is a volunteer educator who helps students and their families outside of school. Below are her responses to a few questions we asked her. Have your own questions? Ask them and we’ll forward the question and post the response.

Columban Fathers: When parents see their child begin to improve in school, what do you say? Are they happy, excited, surprised, or something else?

Cristina: First they say, as I do, that they are happy, it’s not easy because of all the needs that we have in our schools. And especially in their homes, but despite everything, the parents, the children and I strive to succeed.

CF: What is it that prevents some students do their best? Are they distracted by something? Or have never had the interest to do well in school?

Cristina: First of all, I think what the children and youth need the most is moral support from their parents and primarily money to give their children a good education. But seeing the reality of the situation, many of these families would not be able to educate their children without the help of our project.

CF: How do you feel when a student demonstrates success in school? How can we help them do better?

Cristina: Well I am very proud because I struggle with them, always involved in their studies and their lives. I am in the schools to see if they need something, and it’s not only materials but also giving moral support. I believe that the most important thing for my kids is to feel that they are very important for their families but also for me. I love them very much, several of them have grown very close to me because they have been attending the Library since they were very young.

To help the children become better people, we need to raise their awareness of the importance of a good education. Make them aware that if they study, they will be better people not only in their own lives, but in their community. But above all talking to them about love, discipline and being persistent in what they want to achieve, in a nutshell fighting for your dreams.