Companions in Mission

Dan Diamond
August 30, 2010

So we have been here almost nine months and the time is really flying; it seems like weeks go by so fast we can hardly keep up with them. And as many of you know we were in El Paso, Texas for 7 months before here working with the US region’s border ministry program.

The reason I go into this is because one of the things we had done for 3 years before we left was go to an annual get together in Omaha, Nebraska with the Columbans called: “Companions in Mission”. It is a meeting that happens every year on Labor Day weekend with people who use the Columbans’ mission awareness educational program and/or who otherwise support the work we do…they are really a great group of people. We have grown to love the people and the get together so we decided to send them a short video updating them on what we have been doing since the last time we saw them.

We thought maybe you would like to see the video, too, so here it is: