Those Who Journeyed With Us

September 3, 2010
Deceased Columbans 1918 – 2008

Joseph Fitzgerald

JOSEPH FITZGERALD was born in Jersey City, NJ, U.S.A. in 1929. He died suddenly at Dalgan on 19 March 2000. When his family returned to Ireland Joe studied at Ss. Peter & Paul’s, Cork and at North Monastery C.B.S. He was ordained at Dalgan in December 1955 and assigned to the Philippines. In 1964 he was assigned to Ireland where he served as Dean in Dalgan. In 1975 he was reassigned to the Philippines but returned to Ireland later that year. Joe is buried at St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Cork City.

Robert Sweeney

ROBERT P. SWEENEY was born in Niagara Falls, NY, in 1935. He died unexpectedly at St. Mary’s Hospital, Seoul, on 29 July 2000. Bob studied at Silver Creek, Bristol and Milton where he was ordained in December 1959. Having acquired an L.C.L. in Rome he did mission animation work in the Chicago area until 1964 when he was assigned to Korea. There he worked in the dioceses of Kwangju and Pusan until he was appointed Regional Director in 1984. From 1988 until his death he worked in a poor rural community in Taejon Diocese. “All his missionary life he was committed to the struggle for justice, leading by the example of a simple lifestyle and not shunning controversy, even with his own race.” Bob is buried at Yong In Cemetery, Seoul.

John Healey

JOHN C. HEALEY was born in 1913 at Newburyport, MA, U.S.A. He died on 22 October 2000 at Roger Williams Medical Center, Providence, RI. After ordination to priesthood at the Cathedral, Providence, in 1939 he was assigned to Hanyang and spent over four years in house arrest in Zikawei. In 1947 he returned to the U.S. and taught at Silver Creek where he was Dean from 1952-’56. He went to Omaha in 1958 working in the offices, mission-promotion and lay-retreats. Eighteen years later (1977) he went as chaplain to the Columban Sisters’ Retirement Home, Silver Creek. Soon his health deteriorated and he underwent a number of operations. From 1992 until his death he resided at St. Columban’s, Bristol. John is buried at East Providence, RI.

WILLIAM G. HENNESSY was born at Providence, RI, in 1912. He died in Kinogitan, Misamis Oriental on 11 January 2001 having been in failing health for many months. Having studied at Silver Creek and Omaha, Bill was ordained priest at St Columbanʼs Nebraska on December 1935 and then went to Rome for postgraduate studies in Canon Law. Assigned to the Philippines in 1939, he lived in the hills of Mindanao throughout the Japanese occupation and played a major part in the rebuilding of the Christian communities in Misamis after the country was liberated. Bill became the first Director of the newly constituted Region of the Philippines in 1952 and served in that position until 1959. He is buried at Kinogitan.

Edmond Bahl

EDMOND G. BAHL was born in 1918 at Buffalo, New York. He died on 14 May 2001 at Lakeshore Nursing Facility, Silver Creek, NY. In preparation for priesthood, he had studied at Bristol, Silver Creek and Omaha and was ordained on 18 December 1943. After serving for two years in a Buffalo parish Eddie was assigned to the Philippines in 1946. There he soon saw the value of schools, seeing them as “the only way to reach the kids”. Later, he became president of St. Columbanʼs College, one of the schools he had founded. He was instrumental in bringing the Sisters of Mercy of the Buffalo Diocese to the Philippines. This led to many Philippine women answering the vocation call to become Sisters of Mercy. Eddie is buried at St. Columbanʼs on the Lake, Silver Creek, NY.

James Roddy

JAMES RODDY was born at Roxbury, MA, in 1915. He died at Bristol, RI, on 20 June 2001. He was a brother of Columban Charles Roddy. Having studied at Silver Creek, Bristol and Nebraska, Jim was ordained in December 1941. During World War 11 he worked in Ogden, UT. and in Buffalo, NY. His first overseas assignment was to Philippines in 1946 where he worked in and around Manila for twenty five years. Assigned to the U.S. in 1972 he did a short stint on promotion and then went to the Virgin Islands in 1978. From 1980 onwards, except for a period in our Filipino Parish in Los Angeles, Bristol was to be his home. Jim is buried at East Providence, RI.

James Hastings

JAMES HASTINGS was born at Geneva, New York, in 1945. After a three year battle with cancer, he died on 21 June 2001, at the home of friends in Canton, MA. Jim’s struggle with cancer inspired all those he came in contact with during his illness. Having studied at Silver Creek, Oconomowoc, Bristol and Milton, Jim was ordained in May 1972 and assigned to Japan. He was reappointed to the U.S. in 1982 to do formation work and served on the staff in Formation Houses at St. Paul and Chicago for nine years. He then did mission education and vocation work, while serving as Education Officer for the U.S. Region. In 1994, he assumed the role of Manager of the General Mission Office, Omaha, and completed the restructuring of the Fund Raising Programmes. Jim served as Vice-Director of the U.S. Region for two terms, beginning in 1995. He was buried at Canton, MA.

Rudolph Hoza

RUDOLPH HOZA was born in the parish of Uniontown, PAin 1918. He died on 24August 2001 in Rose Hawthorne Hospice Home, Fall River, MA. Having studied at Silver Creek, Bristol and Nebraska, Rudy was ordained priest in December 1942. It was wartime so his first appointment was to parish work in Detroit. His first overseas assignment was to the Philippines in 1946 where he worked in Mindanao. From 1956 onwards Rudy worked in the U.S., in pastoral and mission education assignments. He was in retirement in Bristol when he was diagnosed as having cancer. Rudy, a brother of Columban Frank Hoza, is buried at E. Providence, R.I.

Richard Cannon

RICHARD CANNON was born in 1928 at Buffalo, NY. He died in a Los Angeles hospital on 11 March 2002. Dick had a varied and fruitful life. His first contact with Columbans was in 1944 at Silver Creek. Part of his formation for priesthood was at Dalgan as an exchange-student. After ordination at Milton in 1954 he obtained his doctorate in Canon Law in Rome and then taught at Silver Creek and Milton until 1963 when he was appointed to our school in Whitby, England. He graduated June 1960 from Boston College with a B.A. in Math. With the closure of Whitby, Dick was assigned to the Philippines where “he saw education as the way out of the poverty trap and laboured to provide the best facilities for high school and college”. From 1975 to 1983 he was Director at St. Columban’s College, Olongapo. He spent almost thirty years in Zambales where he was District Superior for two terms. From 1995 he served as Regional Bursar for five years. He returned to the U.S. in 2001 where he was house bursar in Los Angeles. Burial was at Silver Creek, NY.

Patrick Cashman

PATRICK CASHMAN was born at Bayonne, New Jersey, in 1917. He died on 27 September 2002 at Silver Creek, NY, where his formation for Columban priesthood began seventy-one years earlier. From Silver Creek he went to Bristol in 1936, to Nebraska in 1939 and was ordained in Providence, RI, in December 1942. Assigned to promotion work, Pat worked from Perryville, Silver Creek, Nebraska and Chicago before being assigned to the Philippines in 1950. From 1972 to 1978 he did promotion work in Australia and then returned to the U.S. where he was Guest Master at St. Columbanʼs, San Francisco. The Virgin Islands was his next assignment. Eight years later [1987] he was assigned to the U.S and lived in semiretirement in Bristol, RI. From 1990 he resided at Silver Creek, in indifferent health. Pat is buried at St. Columbanʼs, Silver Creek, NY.

David Richers

DAVID RICHERS was born at Altoona, PA, in 1924. He died at Roger Williams Hospice, Providence, RI, on 19 November 2002. Before joining the Columbans at Silver Creek in 1946, Dave had served with the U.S. Army in Europe during World War 11. He was ordained priest in December 1952 and assigned to Korea where he ministered in the Kwangju Archdiocese for ten years. Assigned to the U.S. Region he did vocation work from West Chester and in 1970 was appointed Superior in the San Francisco House. From 1971-77 he was Director of Vocations in Omaha when he became Superior and Bursar at Bristol. After a period in ministry in Kansas, Dave served in the Omaha office until 1997 when he returned to Bristol to retire. Dave is buried at East Providence, RI.

James McCaslin

JAMES McCASLIN was born at Omaha in 1927. He died in Hospice House, Omaha, on 16 September 2004. Having graduated from Creighton University, Jim served with the U.S. army in Japan [1946-48] and joined the Columbans in 1950. Ordained in Omaha in 1954, he was assigned to the Philippines where he worked briefly in S.C.A. and then in parish work. Having done a yearʼs course in spirituality at Washington D.C., he was appointed to a variety of roles – Socius and Probation Director at Bristol, Retreat Master and Vicar at Derby and retreat work in Omaha. Returning to the Philippines in 1980, he continued his retreat work in Manila ʻtil 1985 when he went to Dalgan to do research on our foundersʼ spirituality and then went back to the Philippines. From 1995 he worked with the Hong Kong Filipino community until his health failed. Jim is buried at Omaha.

Ernest Sullivan

ERNEST SULLIVAN died on 29 November 2003 at his sisterʼs home in Scituate, MA, where he was recuperating from surgery for lung cancer. Born in 1933 at West Roxbury, MA, Ernie graduated from the New England Institute of Anatomy and Embalming in 1952 before entering St. Columbanʼs in 1954. Having been ordained priest in 1961, he was assigned to Korea where he served in Chunchon, Wonju and Cheju. Then in 1980, Ernie was assigned to the U.S. Region and worked in St. Edwardʼs, Seattle, the Virgin Islands, Kew Gardens, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Quincy. His last assignment before retiring in 2002 was at Magnolia Avenue, Chicago. Ernie is buried in a family plot at West Roxbury, Ma.

Joseph Murrin

JOSEPH MURRIN was born at Parnell, Iowa, in 1916. He died on 22 December 2002 at Catholic Memorial Home, Fall River, MA. His first contact with Columbans was at Silver Creek in 1932 where, having completed philosophy studies, he went to Omaha for theology and was ordained there in February 1944. His adaptability is reflected in the variety of his assignments – the Columban Westminster Parish, CA, where he served as pastor in mid-sixties; bursar in Omaha; planner and supervisor of building Milton, Turramurra and Kwangju seminaries. He stayed on in Korea for six years to assist in building a number of churches. He recruited vocations, helped with mission education programs and pastoral assignments. He befriended many who were struggling with sobriety. Joe is buried at East Providence, RI.

Hugh O’Rourke

HUGH O’ROURKE who was from Providence, Rhode Island, was born in 1927 and died there on 19 March 2004, having been in declining health for some years. After ordination in Omaha Cathedral in 1952, Hugh did a Masterʼs in sociology at Fordham University and was on the teaching staff at Silver Creek from 1955-ʼ60 when he went to Burma. A government decree that all missionaries who came to Burma post 1948 would have to leave in 1979 resulted in Hughʼs departure six years after his arrival in Burma. Appointed Vice-Director in the U.S. in 1967 and Director in 1971, he was elected to the Superior Generalʼs council at the 1976 Chapter. Returning to the U.S. in 1982 he did advanced studies at Loyola College and at St. Lukeʼs Institute, MD. From 1994 ʻtil his retirement to Bristol in 2000 he ministered at St. Theresaʼs, Pawtucket, RI. A brother of Columban Paul OʼRourke and Columban Sister Clare, Hugh is buried at East Providence, RI.

James Needham

JAMES NEEDHAM was born at St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1935. He died unexpectedly in his home parish on 7 October 2004. When Jim had completed his secondary education at Silver Creek, NY and Milton, MA, he began his studies for priesthood in Milton and was ordained priest there in 1961. He was assigned to Japan and in 1970 he requested and received permission to join the Chaplainsʼ Corps in the U.S. Army. Jim was discharged from the army in 1995 and retired in St. Paul. He was buried at the Military Cemetery, Fort Snelling, Minnesota.

William Bourke

WILLIAM BOURKE was born in 1929 at Providence, RI, U.S.A. He died in Kent Hospital, Warwick, RI, on 24th October 2004. Prior to coming to St. Columbanʼs, Bristol, in 1947 he had studied at St. Columbanʼs, Silver Creek. In 1950 he was sent as one of four exchangestudents to Dalgan and was ordained at Boston in 1954. Assigned to the Philippines in 1955, Billy served in Ozamis where he was Chancellor of the Archdiocese from 1988 unti his death. He was a genuinely welcoming host to all visitors in his parish, the archdiocesan offices and in the central house in Ozamis where was house manager. He was known among Columbans as a passionate lover of sports and among the people for his kindness and generosity. He is buried at Pawtucket, RI.

Quentin Kalick

QUENTIN KALICK was born at Buffalo, NY, in 1918. He died on 23 November 2004 at Manila Doctorsʼ Hospital where he was a regular patient in the months prior to his death. His formation for priesthood took place at Bristol, Silver Creek and Nebraska before being ordained at Providence, RI, in 1942. Unable to go on overseas mission due to the war, Quentin did pastoral work in San Diego and Redlands, CA. In 1945 he was a member of the first post-war group to go to the Philippines where he worked until his retirement to Singalong in 1991. Despite indifferent health throughout much of his life Quentin will be remembered for his wit and bright companionship. He is buried at Manila.

Paul Casey

PAUL CASEY was born at Buffalo, NY, in 1927 and educated at St. Josephʼs High School and St. Josephʼs Collegiate Institute. As a student it was said of him “he is a tremendous worker, guided by an iron determination to do the job well.” Having served two years in Korea with the U.S. Army, Paul went to St. Columbans, Silver Creek, then to Bristol, Nebraska and Milton where he was ordained in 1954. His first appointment was to the Philippines. In 1981, during a period of ill health in Manila, he studied German which led to his taking a pastoral assignment in Osnabruch, Germany. Returning to the U.S. in 1985, Paul was assigned to Bristol and later to Omaha where he was archivist He died on April 20, 2005 at Midlands Hospital, Papillon, NE, following surgery and is buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Omaha.

Cornelius Boyle

CORNELIUS BOYLE was born in 1918 at Bayonne, Newark, NJ, U.S.A. He died on 9 February 2006 at Navan Hospital after a brief illness. In the early 1920s his family returned to Ireland and lived at Dungloe, Co. Donegal, where Neil received his early education. Having completed his secondary education at St. Eunanʼs, Letterkenny, Neil came to Dalgan in 1937 and was ordained in 1943. Due to wartime travel restrictions, he worked in the diocese of Nottingham until 1946 when he went to Shanghai and studied Korean. After a brief period in Chunchon, Neil became Regional Bursar in Korea and in 1962 was appointed Regional Director. Appointed Bursar General [1971-ʻ83] he was assigned to the Irish Region and worked in the diocese of Raphoe. “A great example of a dedicated and faithful priest throughout his life,” Neil is buried at Dalgan.

John Clifford

JOHN CLIFFORD was born in Chicago in 1927. He died on 14 March 2006 at San Diego, CA. After his studies at St. Leoʼs, Collegeville, Jack began his preparations for priesthood at Bristol [1947- ʻ48], Omaha [1948-ʻ50], Dalgan [1950-ʻ53] and Milton [1953-ʻ54]. After ordination in 1953 he did a Credit Union Course in University of Wisconsin. Appointed to the Philippines, Jack served in Zambales, Negros and Malate.Assigned to the U.S. in 1984, he worked briefly with the PhilippineApostolate in Chicago and then transferred to San Diego for parish work. Jack is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, San Diego, CA.

J. Donald Devine

J. DONALD DEVINE was born in 1926 at Buffalo, N.Y. He died at Bristol, Rhode Island. on 11 August 2006. Educated at Buffalo and Silver Creek, N.Y., he joined the Columbans and was ordained in 1954. Assigned to Korea, Don worked in the Kwangju area and in 1959 he was appointed secretary to Mgr. Harold Henry, later becoming his chancellor, both in Kwangju and in Cheju. After the death of Harold Henry in 1976 Don was appointed to the mission office in Omaha, Nebraska. He retired to Bristol in 2004. Don is buried at the family plot in Lackawanna, New York.

David Sheehan

DAVID SHEEHAN was born at Medford, Mass, in 1926. He died in Chicago on 3 January 2007 after a long battle with cancer. At a young age his familymoved to Evanston, IL., where his Primary and High School education were completed. Having attended the University of Wisconsin for two years, Dave studied at St. Columbanʼs, Bristol, and Milton. He was ordained priest in 1953 and assigned to Korea. There he acted as chaplain to the Columban Sisters in Mokpo and while there he was recommended by Fr. Pat OʼConnor to be the Korea correspondent for NCWC News Service. Due to indifferent health, Dave concentrated solely on pastoral work, in Illo and in Kang Jin where he built a church. In 1986, Dave was appointed English professor in the Kwangju Seminary. Later he returned to Kang Jin, his former parish, and served as chaplain to the Seton Sisters. In 1996 he published his life-story “A Columban Missioner – Forty Years in Korea.” He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2001 but carried on enthusiastically, boasting in 2005 that “Benedict XV1 is just my age as he begins his reign as our Holy Father. He is a brave man to take on that momentous task at his age!” Dave is buried with his family at All Saints Cemetery, Des Plaines, IL.

Thomas Normanly

THOMAS V. NORMANLY was born in Holy Trinity Parish, Buffalo, in 1928. He died at Sisters Hospital, Buffalo, on 22 May 2007. Tom studied at Silver Creek, Bristol and St. Columbans, Nebraska. He was ordained in 1952. He received his Masters Degree in French and Spanish from Georgetown University. Tom was appointed to teach in Silver Creek and was then assigned as dean in Milton in 1962, until he went as spiritual director at Oconomowoc where he was in charge of the language laboratory. In 1969 he was assigned to the Virgin Islands. Then in 1975 he was assigned to Peru. Four years later Tom was assigned to the GMO in Omaha until 1989 when he went to reside in Buffalo for pastoral ministry. In 2004 Tom retired to Silver Creek. Known as a dedicated priest, strong in spirit and humble of heart, he is buried at St. Columbanʼs, Silver Creek.

Joseph Crehan

JOSEPH CREHAN was born at Dorchester, MA, in 1929. He died at Silver Creek Nursing Home, Bristol, RI, on 1April 2008.After his ordination to priesthood in 1954 Joe was assigned to Japan where he studied the language and became assistant-bursar in Tokyo. In 1970 Joe returned to the U.S. on compassionate leave. He was appointed Bursar and Dean at the Columban Major Seminary in Milton, MA. In 1979, Joe undertook a pastoral assignment at Everett, MA, where he was loved and respected as a prayerful, humble priest with great devotion to the sick and dying. He retired in 2000 to the Columban Fathersʼ Retirement House, Bristol. “Joe lived his life for others. He was a great promoter of the Columban Mission, just like his friend and mentor, Fr. Owen McGrath.” He is buried at St. Maryʼs Cemetery, Bristol.

Thomas Dowd

THOMAS F. DOWD was born at Roslindale, MA, USA, in 1931. He died on 24 July 2008. Having completed his secondary education at St. Columbanʼs, Silver Creek, NY, he studied philosophy in Bristol, RI, theology in Dalgan and was ordained priest in 1957 at Milton, MA. Assigned to Japan, he worked in the dioceses of Osaka, Fukuoka and Tokyo. In 1964 he underwent serious surgery in the U.S. Assigned to the U.S. Region in 1980, he resided in his native Massachusetts. Tom is buried at Rural Cemetery, Walpole, MA, USA.

Thomas O’Rourke

THOMAS P. O’ROURKE was born in the parish of Upperchurch, Co. Tipperary, in 1901. He died of a brain tumour on 1 Jan 1988 at Silver Creek, NY. T.P. received his secondary education at Mt. Melleray, Co. Waterford [1916-19], and then went to Dalgan in September 1919. He was ordained priest on 22 December 1924. He went to Hanyang in 1925 and, apart from one break in Ireland [1935-36], he worked there until 1947. After leave in Ireland he was assigned to the U.S. in 1948. T.P. did promotion work in St. Paul, San Diego and Denver [1948-77]. He was Superior at St. Columban’s, Denver, in 1975. He retired to St. Columban’s, Bristol, RI, in 1977. T.P. is buried at Silver Creek.

JAMES MICHAELS was born May 30, 1926 in Chicago, Ill. He was ordained Dec. 12, 1951 in St. Columbanus Church in Chicago. He studied missiology in Rome from 1952 and 1955 and became the Society’s first Doctor of Missiology. In July 1956, he was made dean of the College at Milton. Fr. Michaels was assigned to Korea in 1957, and after language school in Seoul he was appointed to Kwangju Vicariate and assistant in a Kwangju parish in 1958.  The following year he was appointed pastor in Sorokdo. In 1965, Fr. Michaels was appointed vicar general of Kwangju Archdiocese.  On February 15, 1966, the Holy See appointed him auxiliary bishop of Kwangju diocese and titular bishop of Verbe. Fr. Michaels resigned his administrative duties as auxiliary bishop of Kwangju. His resignation was accepted by the Holy See, and he was given permission to return to the leper colony of Sorokdo as pastor. In 1973, he was appointed auxiliary bishop for the Wheeling diocese, West Virginia, where he spent fourteen years before his retirement in October 1987. He moved to Silver Creek, New York in 2005, and died Sept. 21, 2010 in Silver Creek. He was to be buried in Clinton, Maryland.

JAMES O’BRIEN was born in Dorchester, Mass. on Nov. 16, 1931. He was ordained in 1956, and died on March 20, 2009.

MICHAEL CODY was born on October 14, 1946 in Dorchester, Mass., and died on April 21, 2009. He was ordained in 1962.

RAYMOND NICHOLAS was born on April 22, 1924 in Chicago, Ill. and died on September 21, 2009. He was ordained in 1949.

JAMES SHIFFER was born on November 11, 1939 in Cleveland, Ohio and died on July 30, 2010. He was ordained in 1965.