Veronica: Social Justice and Friendship

Veronica Diaz
September 29, 2010

I started interning with the Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach in July 2009. I then did the fall 2009 internship program as the migration intern concentrating on border issues. That fall, Sandra Flores was an intern from American University. Without interning with the Columbans we may not have met since I go to the Catholic University of America, which is a good distance away. Sandra and I worked together, attending events and exchanging ideas throughout the semester. We both loved our internship and remained close friends even after the end of the semester.

Now I am interning at the Center for another semester. I have truly been inspired by the mission of our work for social justice, and I am happy to be back in the office. Not only have I kept in touch with Sandra, but she will be working with me at the Raices y Alas Conference in Chicago next week even past the end of her internship with the Columbans. The conference is a gathering of Hispanic Catholic leaders from the United States. “This gathering is planned to be one of celebration, reflection on the current reality of Hispanic Ministry in the United States, theological reflection, and a look toward the future with concrete projections for ministerial actions.”

The office does more than plant seeds of social justice. It has also planted these seeds of friendship. Sandra will be moving in with me in January and is one of my best friends. I’ll be sure to update on our experiences at the Conference!