Thank you’s from students

October 4, 2010

Below is part 1 of 2 thank you letters from students who have benefited from our donors. We’ll have more letters from more students in a few days, plus an update from Cristina on what is still needed for students.

From Cristina Estrada, who works with many students before and after school: I’m sending you messages from some of my children and young adults who benefit from the scholarship funds of the Anapra Education Project. Everything is well, here, thank God.

Alan, 14: I’ve been going to the library since I was in kindergarten, and I was helped since I began coming with the inscription for materials and for school uniforms. I would like to continue to receive help so that I can continue with my studies.

Guillermo, 12: I’ve been coming to the library from the time I was four years old, and I’ve received funds from Mrs. Estrada and help for school materials, too. I come to the library because I learn many things for school.

Nayeli, 14: The Anapra Education Project has helped me since I was two years old, it helps me with everything I need, like learning utensils and school uniforms. I’m always coming here to support the children who are younger than I am, so that they can learn more quickly.

Yeira, 14: The Anapra Education Project library has helped me in my studies since I was eight, and gives me school utensils, uniforms and shoes. I’m always helping the smaller children to study, so that they can learn in a better way than before.