More thank you’s from students

October 6, 2010

Students receive supplies, books and extra training from a library run by Cristina Estrada, who took it upon herself to see to it that area students got the extra help the needed to succeed. Below are thank you’s from the students to those who have supported the Anapra Education Project.

Yeira, 14: The Anapra Education Project library has helped me in my studies since I was eight, and gives me school utensils, uniforms and shoes.   I’m always helping the smaller children to study, so that they can learn in a better way than before.

Alfonso, 14: I’ve been using the Anapra Education Project library and receiving help since I was six years old.  My brothers and sisters also attend here, and receive help from the library.

Pablo, 11: I’m very happy with the help I get from the Anapra Education Project, because it helps me with what I need at school.

Sofía, 12: I’m at the Federal Secondary School Number 14, in the second year, thanks to the funding that Mrs. Estrada at the Anapra Education Project library has provided me with.

Oscar: I’m in my first semester at the “Autonomous University of Juárez City” (Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, Mexico), studying Electrical Engineering, and I’m grateful for the support I get through Mrs. Cristina Estrada.

Jessica: I’m receiving a scholarship from the children’s library of the Anapra Education Project, in order to continue my studies.  I want to say, Thank you!, for all the help I receive.