Pedaling to Live: The Journey Continues

Fr. Oliver McCrossan
October 7, 2010

“There are nine million bicycles in Beijing.” These are opening words of a song of Katie Melua. That’s Beijing! This is Ozamiz City, Philippines and there are 75 tricycles, small by Beijing’s standards, but providing a reliable, pollution-free, transport service for hundreds of people, and a living for the drivers and their families.

The Pedaling to Live Project has grown since it began four years ago.

Every day, the Pedaling to Live drivers – working in all kinds of weather – carry young and old to their various destinations around this city. The work is hard, the hours long. Most of the time they receive little thanks or recognition for their outstanding service to the community, but, thankfully, the public are now growing in appreciation of sacrifices made on their behalf.

Pedaling to Live began in April 2006 with five tricycles. Today we have seventy-four tricycles in operation. Fifty-three are now owned by the drivers themselves. The rest are in the process of completing their payments. The average daily earnings is two hundred and fifty pesos ($5) a day. They pay back fifty pesos a day towards payment of their tricycle. In addition, the drivers deposit twenty pesos a day in their savings account. They are encouraged to save as much as they can.

In our scholarship program we have twenty-three children in elementary school, thirteen in high school and two in college. Our two college students graduate this month in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Help is provided to pay for school uniforms, school supplies and tuition fees.

More than 50 people now own their own pedi-cabs thanks to a loan program established by Columban Father Oliver McCrossan.

With the help of local health personnel, regular health check-ups are given to the drivers and their families. Occasionally during the year we provide vitamins and rice for the children. Many of the children are malnourished and suffer from pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Loans are also available for house repairs. The families are all living in the poorest areas of the city and many of their houses are badly in need of repair.

The drivers meet once a month to review the program and discuss future plans. The meetings also help in building support for each other. Twice a year, a two-day recollection/retreat takes place. All the drivers with their wives/partners are invited to attend.

Future Plans:

Our plan is to continue to increase the number of tricycles. There is a long list of applicants wishing to join.  We have purchased one-fourth hectare of land which will be used to provide housing for the members of the program. We will build forty houses on the site.

The generous support we have received since the very beginning of Pedaling to Liveis a great source of encouragement to us. To our benefactors we say “Thanks. It could not have happened without your support.”

This April 2010 we will celebrate our fourth year. The journey continues. May God guide us on the journey.

Fr. Oliver McCrossan and Pedaling to Live Management Team

Read the original plan of action from 2006